Painting for Pleasure


Painting for Pleasure Gallery

Here is a selection of paintings created by members of the Painting for Pleasure group.

Watercolour by Tony Lawson


Watercolour by Tony Lawson


Watercolour by Tony Lawson


by Dee Platt


“Second Go”
Watercolour by Tony Lawson


“Street Scene”
Watercolour by Dee Platt


Pictures by Irene Copeland.




Here is a gallery of paintings by Henry Marshall. 

Street Scene by Henry Marshall
Patience by Henry Marshall
Laid Up by Henry Marshall
Home boys home by Henry Marshall
Halnaker Mill with the sweeps by Henry Marshall
Halnaker Hill by Henry Marshall
Bunny and Livie by Henry Marshall
Bringing in the fishing by Henry Marshall
Another view of Bosham by Henry Marshall
A view from Priory Park by Henry Marshall
A View from Bignor Hill


Some paintings by Dee Platt

Sunflowers in a Blue Vase by Dee Platt


Radiant Fantasy by Dee Platt


Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, Venice by Dee Platt
Holly and Ivy by Dee Platt


Chichester Farmers Market by Dee Platt
Chichester after The Rain by Dee Platt



Paintings by Lynda Marsh

Sunflower by Lynda Marsh
Gulls on Posts by Lynda Marsh
Are There Fish Nearby by Lynda Marsh