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u3a Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 16 May
Update Re: Dates for Proxy Voting

Upcoming Events

Monthly Meeting at the Assembly Rooms on North Street - 18th April at 2pm

‘Grandma Flew Spitfires’
John Webster and the story of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA)

John is an ardent aviation enthusiast and amateur historian who, since retiring from the UK’s National Air Traffic Service (NATS), has been involved as a volunteer researcher for Maidenhead Heritage Centre’s permanent ATA exhibition and archive. He has been privileged to have interviewed several of the surviving veterans and his involvement has led to him being elected as Secretary of the ATA Association.

The Air Transport Auxiliary was a civilian organisation, which was tasked with supporting the RAF and Fleet Air Arm by ferrying aircraft between factories, maintenance units and operational bases together with performing many and varied transport roles.

John’s talk will expand on the ATA’s structure and the role of its men, women and boys. It will feature a newsreel clip and extracts from two of his interviews.

Women pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) in flying kit at Hatfield, 10 January 1940
Credit: Wikipedia

Despite the talk’s frequently applied title above, the women were significantly outnumbered by their male colleagues. However, as most media attention focuses on the female pilots, we continue to use the phrase to attract attention to an amazing story!

Groups Notices

"The secret to ageing well? Keep laughing, keep learning, and never underestimate the power of a good nap."

Bridge for Fun Group 3

Have you taken Bridge classes but don’t feel confident enough to join an established Bridge club?  This new group aims to be sociable and welcoming, helping improvers find their ‘bridge legs’ and enjoy the game.  

The group will play social bridge and it is aimed at those wanting to improve and polish their game.  You don’t need a partner.  It will meet at Donnington Parish Hall on Monday mornings, 10-12, starting in late April.  Depending on numbers the price should be no more than about £3.50 per session, (payable in non-refundable 10 week blocks in advance.) 

To register your interest, email   

Groups News

April Practical Science

When Simon Price threw a load of pots and pans across the kitchen table along with some rags, the entire science group sprung into action. Everyone started polishing the tarnished metals with enthusiasm. It all started to looked like a scene from Downton Abbey - the servants busily polishing the kitchenware in the butlers pantry. Simon then gave us all a detailed exposition on the importance of metallic elements. These make up an amazing 70% of the periodic table. We also had a look at some of the rarely seen metallic elements, from highly reactive caesium, carefully secured in a glass ampoule of argon, to the more inert metals such as  platinum. Despite their varying chemical reactivity, most metal elements look much the same with their silvery sheen. Simon then discussed the importance of of biologically active metals such as iron in haemoglobin, the calcium in bones, and the sodium in salt.

For those who like to make a mess, Nick passed a low voltage current through some rusty metal tools bathed in an electrolyte solution. Some gleaming de-rusted tools were removed after 2-3 hours. Another miracle of science!

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