Membership Renewal

Your Chichester U3A membership is due for renewal by September 1st each year. Currently, the fee is £18 per member, or at a reduced rate of £14.50 for those who have paid the full membership fee at another U3A (Associate Membership).

First Update Your Details

If any of your personal details (email, telephone number or address) have changed recently you can update them online (using the details we currently have for you) by clicking here, alternatively, inform the Membership Secretary of any changes. Please do this before making your payment.

If you wish to update your preferences for Gift Aid, The Newsletter, Bulletin, and/or Third Age Matters Magazine please visit the Membership Preferences page before making your payment.

If your Membership type is changing between Joint and Individual, or Full and Associate, please contact the Membership Secretary and only make your payment once we have confirmed the change.

How to Pay

You will need your Membership Number – it will be on the Renewal email/letter, and is now shown at the top of the weekly Bulletin emails.

If you currently pay by Standing Order please check that the payment is for the correct amount. Only you, as payee, can change this regular payment, and if a change is necessary you should include the personal reference (see below), or cancel the standing order and make an online payment or bank transfer instead.

Pay Online

The easiest way to pay is online using Paypal or Credit/Debit card. You need to log in to the U3A Beacon System: Simply click here to pay online.


  1. This is only possible if we have your email address registered
  2. If payment is not due there will be no payment option
  3. Please note that if, on pressing the Confirm Identity button, the data fields are immediately emptied, it means your typed entries do not agree with those recorded in the Beacon database. Please check them carefully and try again. If you are still denied entry please contact the Membership Team to resolve the problem.

Bank Transfer or Standing Order

Alternatively, if you wish to pay by Bank Transfer or Standing Order, please first generate your unique payment reference by following the instructions in the box below:

Please follow the instructions below to generate the correct payment details for your payment to Chichester U3A. We have multiple bank accounts, and without the payment Reference we cannot link the payment to you.

What is your Membership Number:

Format: 4-digit number. If your membership number has fewer digits please add leading zeros

Are you paying for:

The details for your payment are as follows:
Account Name: Chichester U3A
Bank: Lloyds Bank plc
Sort Code: 30 – 91 – 97
Account Number: 34913960

We no longer accept cheques. If you have difficulty paying by one of the above methods please contact the Membership Team who can now take a card payment by phone (or in person).

Third Age Matters Magazine

Through our affiliation to the Third Age Trust, the ‘Third Age Matters’ magazine is sent out 5 times a year to all members who have requested it. We know that many members enjoy reading the magazine, but others send it rapidly towards the recycling bin. While we hope you will maximise the benefits you gain from membership, we don’t want to waste either money or paper unnecessarily. If you would like to either add or remove your name to the ‘Third Age Matters’ subscription list please visit the Member’s Preferences page.

On behalf of the Committee we hope you are enjoying your membership of Chichester U3A and that you will continue to support our groups, activities and events. We are always looking for more volunteers to help organise new groups and events.

If you have any queries please contact the Membership Team.

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