Membership Portal

You are about to be redirected to the U3A Membership Portal where you can pay your Membership Renewal, or update your personal information.  This portal is managed by the Third Age Trust, the central u3a organisation.  As such we cannot modify the way the system works.

To improve security, since April 2023, you are required to register using the information you previously supplied to Chichester u3a. You will then receive and email to confirm your identity, and create a password for future use.


  • This is only possible if we have your email address registered
  • The information you use to register must match the information on our system.
  • If payment is not due there will be no payment option.


I tried to register, but the system said it could not find a member matching the details supplied….

  • Check the details you supplied are correct.
  • Remember that these details must match the information you previously supplied to the Membership Team (if your details have recently changed, try using the previous information).
  • Sometimes there are small discrepancies in the way we have recorded your details.  The Membership Team can send you an email with the personal details that the systems is expecting.

I can’t remember whether I have registered…

Simply try to login with your email address and any password. 

  • If the email address is not registered, it will redirect you to the Registration Page.  
  • If you are already registered they it will say “Use the Forgotten password link to reset your password.

I am still having problems.  There are other solutions…

If you want to pay you membership renewal, then there are two other options:

  • Pay by bank transfer
  • Pay by telephone with a credit/debit.  To do this contact the Membership Team using the link below and they will phone you in the next few days.

If you want to update your personal details – complete this form.

Click here to email our Membership Team.