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The Bulletin is placed on the website fortnightly, normally on a Friday, with news of groups, monthly meetings, coffee mornings and other activities, including those of organisations to which we belong, such as our parent organisation the Third Age Trust (TAT) and the Sussex U3A Network (SUN). Shortly afterwards, the Bulletin is sent by email to members.

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If you wish to send a message to the Bulletin, whether it be an item for possible publication, a correction or complaint, a request for information, a compliment or encouragement, please use the form at the foot of the page. Items for publication are, with rare exceptions, confined to U3A activities or business. Nearly all are sent in by committee members, event organisers and group leaders. If you are a member of Chichester U3A but not one of these, and wish to have an item published, please feel free to send in your request: it will then normally be forwarded to the most relevant committee member or event organiser, who will then enter into negotiation with you as to how to proceed.

Please note that we strongly discourage the publication in the Bulletin on the website of personal details (full names, email addresses, telephone numbers, home addresses and so forth). Instead we encourage the use of contact forms: if you do not have a contact form, we can usually arrange for someone with a contact form to to receive and forward any responses to the item published. In the Bulletin email (see below), personal details are less of a problem.

Bulletin email

Whenever a new Bulletin is posted on the website, we send out an email with the same information to such of our current members who have a registered email address and who have not declared they do not wish to receive it.
With 600-700 emails to send we take all necessary steps to satisfy anti spam measures of the various Internet ISP companies. However, the fact that we send the emails does not guarantee delivery. Most times we get a few rejects. Some are when members change their email address and have not notified the Membership Team, some have a ‘mailbox over quota’ message and some have the shared mail server we use blacklisted. We continue to try and resolve all these issues as best we can.

To request an item for the next Bulletin, or to contact the Bulletin editor, please use this form.

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