The Bulletin is placed on the website weekly, normally on a Friday, with news of groups and other activities. Follow the links below for recent bulletins.

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Bulletin notification

Whenever a new Bulletin is posted on the website we send out an email to the list of current members. With over 700 emails to send we take all necessary steps to satisfy anti spam measures of the various Internet ISP companies. However, the fact that we send the emails does not guarantee delivery. Every week we get around a dozen rejects. Some are when members change their email address and have not notified the Membership Team, some have a ‘mailbox over quota’ message and some have the shared mail server we use blacklisted. We continue to try and resolve all these issues as best we can.

So, do remember, the notification email is really only a reminder to check the website for the latest news.

To request any item to be added to the coming week’s Bulletin please use this form.

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