Bulletin 210924

Subscriptions, October Coffee Morning, Monthly Meeting review, Chrstmas Lunch, Groups (birdwatching, Bridge, Crosswords etc}, TAT, SUN & WSRO

Bulletin 210910

Have you paid your subs? Monthly Meeting, September Quiz,Christmas Lunch, Why not join the Monthly Meetings Team? Groups News, TAT, SUN, WSRO and Chichester College

Bulletin 210827

In this edition: Subscriptions by 01 September –
September¬†Monthly Meeting¬†at the Assembly Rooms –
– NEW INFO in Groups News,
National U3A , SUN and Local Events

Bulletin 210813

In this edition: Subscriptions are due –
August Monthly Meeting NEXT THURSDAY!!! –
NEW INFO for Groups News
National U3A , SUN and Local Events

Bulletin 210723

Dear Chichester u3a member,  As this is the holiday season, and members will also be taking  advantage of the relaxation of Covid rules, the Bulletin will be taking it a bit easier for the next month or two.Some features will be rested – Your Favourite Walks, Photo of the Week, for example. (On the other …

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Bulletin 210716

Dear Chichester u3a member,  Your u3a Membership IMPORTANT!!!! Volunteers Needed!!! July Quiz by Zoom  Groups News Your Favourite Walks   Photograph of the Week NEW PHOTO National U3A and Sussex U3A Network NEW INFO  Your u3a Membership Important Information if you pay by Standing Order Your membership renewals will be due shortly (by 31/08/21).  If you pay by …

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