Review: The Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci

Monthly Talk – August 2021

by Dr Javad Hashemi

Dr Javad Hashemi was born in Tehran, Iran. He taught Biology and Science Education at University of Tehran. He then came to England where he met his wife and worked at NCR and Local Government Education Departments.

An entertaining, illustrated and animated talk about Leonardo da Vinci, the man and his inventions. Learn how Leonardo promoted himself as a war engineer at the court of Borgias, Milan and Florence . See his drawings and application of his inventions in daily life. Discover how he influenced Renaissance intellectuals. 


There won’t be many more wow-worthy themes than “The Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci”. Even the best informed of Dr Javad Hashemi’s Zoom audience for the monthly meeting will have been in renewed awe at the breathtaking variety and ground-breaking consistency of the definitive Renaissance Man’s output: helicopter and glider, tank and chariot with scythes, self-propelled cart, canal engineering, walking on water, bird and anatomy studies, bicycle, viola, lens-grinder and compass, and thanks Leo for the robot and some pretty immortal paintings. That’s just for starters so creatively, then, hardly a step behind God.

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