List All TLA

Group Name TLA
Apple Group APP
Art Appreciation AAG
Book Group 10 BGJ
Book Group 11 BGK
Book Group 12 BGL
Book Group 4 BGD
Book Group 6 : Modern Novels BGF
Book Group 7 BGG
Book Group 8 BGH
Boules BOU
Bridge (Boxgrove) BRB
Bridge (Felpham) BRF
Bus Walk BWG
Croquet CRO
Crosswording for Fun CFF
Cryptic Crosswords Online CCS
Current Affairs Group – New Park CAG
Cycling for Pleasure CFP
Discovering Maths DMG
Discussion Group 1 DGA
Discussion Group 2 DGB
DVD Shakespeare DVD
Film Discussion FDG
Fly Fishing FFG
French (Intermediate 1) FIA
French (Intermediate 2) FIB
French Conversation 2 FCB
French Conversation 3 FCC
Gardening 4 GAD
Greek – Intermediate GIG
Italian Conversation – Intermediate ICI
Jazz Appreciation JAA
Keep Fit FIT
Line Dancing LIN
Literary & Historical Walks LHW
Literary Book Group LBG
Local History Walk & Lunch LHA
Mah Jongg MJG
Medieval History MHG
Painting for Pleasure PFP
Play Reading PRA
Play Reading for Fun PRF
Poetry and Prose for Pleasure PPP
Poetry Group POG
Practical Science Workshop PSW
Rambling RAM
Recorder Ensemble REG
Science Discussion SET
Serendipity Discussion Group DGS
Shorter Rambles SRG
Spanish Conversation SPC
Spanish Conversation – Advanced SCA
Spanish Improvers SPI
Table Tennis TTG
Ten Pin Bowling TPB
The 19th Century Novel and its Legacy NOV
The Greenies GRE
The Volunteer Bank VOL
Thursday Lunch Group TLG
Wednesday Walks WWG
Wine Tasting WIN
Within the Walls Lunch Group WWL
World of Books WBG
Writing for Fun WFF
Zoom Hosting ZOO
Social Event Name TLA
Christmas Lunch XMS
Quiz QIZ
Sailing SAI
Skittles SKI
Trips & Outings TAO