Review: Humanitarian Vision

Monthly Talk – June 2021

by Jim Holmes

Jim Holmes documents photographically the extraordinary work of aid agencies around the world. His talk “Humanitarian Vision” will illustrate developmental needs in Afghanistan, Mongolia, Laos, Indonesia and Myanmar and the solutions provided. Uplifting and insightful, this presentation includes images shot on assignment for Oxfam, Save the Children the United Nations and many other organisations.  From rural education to basic healthcare, natural disasters and the need for clean water, this presentation illustrates the picture gathering process and lifts the lid on the needs, solutions and outcomes of the development process.

Jim Holmes is a professional documentary photographer that has lived and worked around the world for over 30 years.  Assignments have taken him to over 50 countries where he worked extensively on humanitarian projects for numerous international agencies. Making S.E. Asia his home for over 20 years he used this base to work around the region for commercial and not-for-profit clients. 


The indomitable optimism of a “woman with fruit” and the mutual love, support and hope of two  young cousins (both Sumatran  images  post -2004 Indian Ocean tsunami)…irrepressible joy of a mother bathing her baby, another young mother grappling with baby, cooking duties and a book – that oh so important portent of literacy – locating unexploded mines in old killing fields, the fitting of a prosthetic leg, recycling other people’s discards….

 These were among  beautiful, powerful  images drawn from the compassionate lens of Jim Holmes, commissioned for a hundred aid charities, from Bangladesh to Laos, Afghanistan to Cambodia, every  picture telling a story to move the world’s heart. Such experiences have brought Jim a Vietnamese wife, and the know-how to lead slightly off-beat, enchanting holidays.

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