Group by Day

ThisĀ is our current list of interest groups at Chichester U3A. Follow the links for more details about each group. Groups that currently have vacancies are shown in bold.
This list is regularly updated so please look again if what you want is not available.
To request a change to your listing please use the “Contact the Groups Co-ordinator” form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Weekday AM PM
Monday Discovering Maths
Discussion Group 1
French (Intermediate 1)
French Conversation 2
Keep Fit
Line Dancing
Science Discussion
Shorter Rambles
Table Tennis
Within the Walls Lunch Group
Book Group 12
Painting for Pleasure
Wine Tasting
Tuesday Art Appreciation
Book Group 8
French Conversation 3
Poetry and Prose for Pleasure
Spanish Improvers
Writing for Fun
Bridge (Boxgrove)
Cryptic Crosswords Online
Discussion Group 2
Italian Conversation – Intermediate
Recorder Ensemble
Wednesday Apple Group
Book Group 6 : Modern Novels
Bus Walk
Crosswording for Fun
Film Discussion
Literary & Historical Walks
Spanish Conversation – Advanced
The 19th Century Novel and its Legacy
Wednesday Walks
Book Group 10
Bridge (Felpham)
DVD Shakespeare
Thursday Book Group 7
Cycling for Pleasure
Fly Fishing
Gardening 4
Local History Walk & Lunch
Play Reading for Fun
Thursday Lunch Group
Book Group 4
Literary Book Group
Mah Jongg
Play Reading
Poetry Group
Spanish Conversation
Friday Birdwatching
Current Affairs Group – New Park
French (Intermediate 2)
Medieval History
Practical Science Workshop
Serendipity Discussion Group
Ten Pin Bowling
World of Books
Book Group 11
Greek – Intermediate
Jazz Appreciation
Variable The Greenies
The Volunteer Bank
Zoom Hosting