Photoshop creation by Jane Irvine

I took this photograph in Beaumont in Perigord one of the many attractive villages in France. It brings back memories of leisurely drives on the way to the Dordogne, Loire or Provence regions of France where getting there is of as much, or more importance than the destination.

I thought it lent itself to being made into a representation of watercolour and I achieve this in the much maligned Photoshop. Photoshop is a versatile programme. Yes, it can take out lamp posts, make an ageing starlet look younger, move mountains, but it has a little known artistic function. It can delicately lighten, or darken. It has numerous brushes, which can be used selectively to enhance an area. It can adjust colour. It takes time and patience, to try a procedure and see if it works.  It’s more a suggestion than the definite presentation of a photograph.