Bulletin 210910

Dear Chichester U3A Member,

It has now been agreed that we shall be publishing FORTNIGHTLY for the foreseeable future, with additional issues to ensure members are informed about important events, such as Monthly Meetings.

The next Bulletin will be on September 24th.

Any urgent notices will be sent out directly, upon request.

Please let us know if these arrangements will cause you significant problems.

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The Committee would like to say a huge thank you to all those members who have renewed.  We have tried very hard over the last year to keep our activities running, albeit many on zoom.  There are still a number of members who are yet to renew so if you are one of them we would urge you to do so as soon as possible as the new membership year has begun.  As you will see from the other notices, many of our groups are now meeting face to face as is our next monthly meeting.  We need your support to continue to provide activities.
Details of our fees and the different ways to renew your membership can be found on our website: www.chichesteru3a.org.uk/renewal/
Please note that there will be a member of the Membership team at the Monthly Meeting to take renewal payments by credit card.

September Monthly Meeting

A light look at opera

with Jennifer Parker-Lummis
2 pm, Thursday, 16th September
in the Assembly Rooms

We have decided to return to the Assembly Rooms in North Street for our Monthly Meeting on the 16th September at 2 pm.  Chichester City Council has provided us with their Risk Assessment document, of which a copy is attached, together with our Monthly Meeting Procedures. Following their guidelines, and in conjunction with the Government’s current advice, we are satisfied that we can provide adequate social distancing and safety measures to allow our Monthly Meetings to go ahead at this venue.

Jennifer is a Soprano Opera singer and her talk is entitled “A light look at Opera”. Jennifer is a graduate of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. As a free-lance singer, Jennifer has written, directed and performed four successful one-woman shows. “A light look at Opera” is a pastiche that Jennifer has created, bringing us favourite songs and arias ranging from ‘Madame Butterfly’ to ‘The Phantom of The Opera’, punctuated with amusing anecdotes about their origin.

We would like to request that attendees arrive between 13:30 and 13:55 so that we can make a prompt start at 14:00 pm. Please note:

  • To avoid mingling and potential close contact refreshments will NOT be provided
  • Facemasks must be worn when moving around
  • There will be good ventilation throughout the building, with windows kept open in the Assembly Room during the talk
  • There will be sufficient hand sanitizers available in suitable places throughout the building
  • The lift to the 1st floor will be available but can accommodate only one person at a time
  • Attendee numbers will be limited to 80 to provide seating spaced at a minimum of 1 metre.
  • We can only admit members to the meeting if they are wearing a suitable face mask and if they have received two anti-COVID vaccinations.
  • If any attendee is found to test positive subsequent to the meeting we ask that they get in touch with the Committee without delay so that we can contact all attendees.

We expect that everyone planning to attend will have had both vaccinations. If this is not the case or if you have an exemption would you please let us know by responding to this email.


Please note that there will be a member of the Membership team at the Monthly Meeting to take renewal payments by credit card.

September Quiz

The quiz will return on Tuesday, September 21st at 7:30 PM.

Quizes will be held on Zoom every month on the third Tuesday and are very informal but most enjoyable.  After a summer break, they are back online for now, with a view to seeing if we can hold them in a hall before the end of the year. As they are proving popular can you please register beforehand by following the following link Quiz Organiser

Christmas Lunch

Chichester College
Wednesday 15th December

We’re delighted to say that our Christmas lunch will be taking place this year at Chichester College on 15th December.  There will be 10 tables of 6 people, so if you’d like to attend, perhaps you should contact your friends to reserve the date.

There will be limited parking, so car-sharing makes sense.

We will be sending out the menu with further details and a booking form in the next Bulletin.

Talking of Chichester College, take a look at the last items in the bulletin for information on courses there which might interest you.

Monthly Meetings Team

After more than a year of excellent and interesting speakers on  Zoom, for which we must thank Ann Butler and Keith Tunstall, we are delighted that our in-person Monthly Meetings are starting again – the first is on Thursday 16th September with Jennifer Parker-Lummis giving us her talk on “A Light Look at Opera” and the next on 18th November.  As from January, we hope to go back to in-person meetings on the third Thursday of every month, and we need a “Monthly Meetings” team to organize these, together with the Committee.

We are proposing that the new Monthly Meetings team will take charge of all aspects of this popular and important part of u3a life, organizing a variety of speakers, liaising with the Assembly Rooms venue, providing IT assistance and, in due course, providing a small Refreshments team.  The Committee has experience in all these areas but is currently working hard to reinstate all the activities which we used to enjoy pre-pandemic, together with new ideas and new opportunities to maintain the interest and vibrancy of our u3a.

If you think you can offer help in any of these areas connected with our Monthly Meetings please contact me here and we’ll get back to you.

Jill Cook

Groups News

Practical Science workshop gets going.

Good progress has recently been made with the newly formed Practical Science group at Chichester U3A.

There are now around a dozen members all bursting with ideas to share with the group.

The recent warm summer weather has been beneficial to both plants and insects so that Moth traps set in members gardens have yielded some exciting finds with several species of Hawk moths identified.

The group hopes to tackle chalk downland butterflies next summer as well as revisiting the moths.  A number of members have also expressed interest in plant identification so we hope to run a series of introductory woodland and countryside botany outings.

Last month Lavender flowers were harvested and essential oils were distilled. (see photo) The yields were disappointingly low so we look to an improved design for next year but the house smelt nice for several days.

There are also plans to study live protozoa using dark ground microscopy at Chichester College next summer whilst local inventor David House, who is a member of the group, will do a demonstration on the development of early Victorian electric motors in the October science meeting.

Mike Evans has built a cloud chamber to detect radiation from outer space and we look forward to a demonstration in the near future.

The group has a regular monthly meeting on the first Friday of each month at 11 am.

Anyone interested in joining the group should contact the Groups Coordinator in the first instance.

Nick Doll

Wanted:  More Book Groups!

Have you ever run a book group?  Or been a member of a book group?    Last year an experienced book group leader agreed to help set up a new book group.  Group members were recruited on the understanding that one of them would take over as leader after the first couple of meetings.  Once the reading list for the year had been chosen and an initial monthly discussion meeting had been held, another member of the group stepped forward, and everything went according to plan. The group is now running successfully.
We are looking for members who could be ‘helicopter’ book group leaders, and help start new book groups, on the understanding that it would be a short-term commitment.   If you could help, please contact the Groups Coordinator.

Crosswording for fun – a proposed new group

If you enjoy an occasional dabble at cryptic crosswords and would like to extend your skills, this could be just the group for you. The idea is for it to be a self-help group (not a structured course) with members attempting various crosswords, talking through solutions, and widening and deepening skills.

It’s hoped the group will meet twice a month on a weekday morning from say 10.30 ’til 12.00 at a venue in Chichester.

If you’re interested please contact the Groups Coordinator.

Discussion Groups 1 and 2

Our lively discussion groups would welcome some new faces and ideas – are you interested?
We meet fortnightly on Monday mornings and Tuesday afternoons respectively. These meetings now take place in person in Summersdale.

Replies should go via Caroline Davis, the Groups Coordinator.

Third Age Trust, SUN and Local Events

Third Age Trust (the national U3A, or TAT )

Some of these may be repeats.

Sussex U3A Network (SUN)

More details at SUN

West Sussex Record Office (WSRO)

Book via the WSRO: talks are given at 7pm on the last Tuesday of each month, cost £5.

Chichester College

LAST MINUTE INFO Chichester College have confirmed to us that members of Chichester U3A will be eligible for a 20% discount for any of its adult education services. You will need to show them your membership card and we can arrange to send an electronic copy to any member interested. Information on courses here https://www.chichester.ac.uk/study-courses/adult-education.

If you wish to unsubscribe from the Bulletin emails, please contact the membership secretary with subject “Unsubscribe from Bulletin”. This will not affect other email communications with the U3A. Please do NOT  put the bulletin emails into spam! 😒
Please send me a message via the usual channels if you wish to have some item of U3A news put in the Bulletin. Likewise, if you have some constructive suggestions as to how to improve the Bulletin.
Best wishes, David Rees and Miriam Knight.😎
The Constitution of the Chichester U3A is available to view here, and its Terms of Use here.
Enquiries If you wish to write to the Chichester U3A, then the correspondence address is: U3A Chichester, Box 809, MailboxesEtc., 26 The Hornet, CHICHESTER, PO19 7BB  If there is an urgent matter that needs to be discussed then call 07460 109600, or contact the membership secretary .