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Dear U3A members,
I was delighted and honoured to be voted in as the new Chair of Chichester U3A at our recent AGM. I have met so many lovely people since I joined earlier this year and have seen some excellent groups, events, trips and visits, organised by the committee. The new members’ meetings are great for finding out what goes on and the monthly coffee mornings are just such a lovely way of chatting and catching up with old friends and new.
I have a background of 46 years of education and retired 2 years ago from Chichester Free School, where I was Head of Primary and also a founder member. I’m extraordinarily proud of this achievement but the time had come to turn my time and energies to something else, which combines enjoyment and challenge.
I believe that I have found this with the U3A and hope that, along with a newly formed committee, using advice and help from retiring members, we will continue to provide a wonderful service to all our members.
I hope to meet more of you as time goes on and gather ideas and knowledge about your hopes and desires as a member of U3A.
Have a lovely weekend.
Maureen Doyle

Future Monthly Meetings

As from September, Monthly Meetings will be held in Christ Church, which is the previous venue that long-standing members will remember from a few years ago.
The move is in response to the results of the Members’ Survey.
Christ Church is situated on Old Market Avenue (at the southern end of South Street) and has the advantage of being close to the bus station and to the car park at the District Council Offices.

Please also note that there will be no meeting in August.

We will issue reminders of both bits of information when relevant.

News from the AGM

After an exciting and tense half hour, during which some our finest minds were employed in counting the arrivals, and the rougher sort of member in preventing their leaving,  the AGM was held on Thursday, May 16th, was quorate, and was completed rapidly and peacefully. Only one resolution was contested, to my recollection – two votes were cast against the Changes to the Constitution, and one of those votes was mine (yes, even the Bulletin editor has a vote). The longest discussion was over the date of next year’s AGM. A new committee was elected, namely:
CHAIR: Maureen Doyle
TREASURER: Antony Waller
MEMBER: Ray Davies
MEMBER: Jean Buttery
MEMBER: Caroline Davis
MEMBER: Fenella Godber
MEMBER: Joe Baker
MEMBER: Judith Cobban
Our thanks go to the outgoing members of the committee for their expertise and hard work.

Beyond the Headlines – Current Affairs Discussion Forum
If you would like to join this group,  there’s currently a vacancy. The group meets monthly (morning of the third Wednesday in the month in members’ homes) with a different topical subject each time, leading to a wide-ranging and lively discussion.  For further details contact the groups team

Job Vacancy for  Projectionist

Volunteer required to set up projector and laptop at beginning of meeting and close at end of meeting. Instructions at Christ Church to be given early September.

These could be “job shares”. Please contact the membership team.

Job Vacancy for Newsletter Editor

To carry out the role of newsletter editor from August 2019 starting with the Autumn Newsletter which is due for publication at the end of October ’19, using desktop publishing software (or similar) to produce the newsletter three times a year for email distribution and for commercial printing.

For further information please contact the membership team.