Serendipity Discussion Group

Primary category: Humanities

Secondary category: Social

Lively discussion of current news items from the main news media - currently meeting in person, under Covid-19 rules

Group members will set guidelines for discussing current affairs. They will make their comments and have the opportunity to present alternative views. Subjects will be chosen by consensus and sensitive topics will be left to members discretion. Most of the topics will be those in the forefront of the news of the week or day. Group members will be encouraged to be frank and honest about their reaction to media comments. There will be time later for reviews of the topics aired and some conclusions about the closing of issues under debate.

This group meets ata Chichester Bistro

WeekdayStart timeEnd timeFrequencyWeekCostMax group size
Friday10:0012:00Weeks 2 & 4Not applicableThe cost of your coffee12

This group currently has vacancies

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