Current Affairs Group – New Park

Primary category: Humanities

Secondary category: Literature

Key current topics assessed through critical reading of texts – currently suspended

Topics for each session are introduced by the group leader and individual members volunteer to elaborate the theme, based on a limited selection of reading. This method has been extensively used by university adult education providers and should be both challenging and rewarding. The approach is sociological.

For 2020, the group has chosen to cover climate change and ecological disasters, slavery and black culture(s), work, community and belonging, learning for change, imaginative literature and democracy.

Meetings will be on 17 January, 7 February, 6 March, 1 May. June and July dates to be confirmed.

Venue: New Park Centre, although the group is not currently meeting.

Weekday Start time End time Frequency Week Cost Max group size
Friday 11:00 13:00 Monthly Ad Hoc Share of venue hire costs 20

This group currently has vacancies

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