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Dear Chichester u3a member, 

  • Your u3a Membership IMPORTANT!!!!
  • Volunteers Needed!!!
  • July Quiz by Zoom 
  • Groups News
  • Your Favourite Walks  
  • Photograph of the Week NEW PHOTO
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Your u3a Membership

Important Information if you pay by Standing Order Your membership renewals will be due shortly (by 31/08/21).  If you pay by Standing Order (or used to) please read this carefully.
You need to check that the Standing Order has been updated to the correct amount.  Only you can do this, and only you can terminate the annual payment, should you want to.  A Standing Order is not the same as a Direct Debit, where the amount is controlled by the recipient.  A Standing Order is controlled by you, the payer – we cannot either refuse or return the payment.
If you use online banking, you will be able to check or modify your Standing Order online.  Otherwise, you will need to contact your bank, either by phone or in person.
Details of our fees and the different ways to renew your membership can be found on our website: www.chichesteru3a.org.uk/renewal/

Volunteers Still Needed

It takes an Army of Volunteers to make these a success: Monthly Meetings, Coffee Mornings, pub quizzes, social events, outings etc – we can’t do it alone!

IF YOU CAN SPARE SOME OF YOUR TIME, NO MATTER HOW LONG OR SHORT, HOW REGULARLY OR JUST AS A ONE-OFF, please will you contact us here and one of our Committee members will phone or email you to discuss the best way of using your time, talents and enthusiasm.


July Quiz on Zoom

The next quiz will be on Tuesday, July 20th, at 7:30PM.

These are held on Zoom every month on the third Tuesday  and are very informal but most enjoyable.  They are proving popular so can you please register beforehand by contacting the organiser.

 Groups News

Practical Science Workshop

Are you interested in joining a practical science group? The projects we will undertake are suitable for all levels of interest in all branches of the sciences and natural history.  We will meet at 11 am on the first Friday of the month, initially in East Ashling.  If you are interested, please contact the groups coordinator.  

Discussion Groups 1 and 2

The very long established discussion groups that meet on Monday mornings and Tuesday afternoons in Summersdale are keen to have some new contributors, COVID numbers permitting. If you may be interested please get in contact via the groups coordinator and the group leader will be pleased to provide further information. 

Your Favourite Walks 

This feature will now be taking a little rest. We hope it will return in the Autumn. Thank you very much to those of you who have already contributed to this section.  Meanwhile, if  you have a walk that you could send to us, please use this form, and we will be off to a flying start  come September or October. You can see the collection of our walks  here

Photograph of the Week

Photograph of the Week

This weeks photograph of the week is from Miriam Knight

Photo of Keeping up with Mother

“There’s a massive bramble on the Chichester canal at the A27 providing safe shelter for a family of coots. This baby was not as adventurous as her two siblings, sticking close to dad.”

Thank you Miriam for submitting this delightful photo of a mother Coot and her chick.

The Photo of the Week team are going on holiday after this week (not together: if we were going together, I would have written “…team is going…”. Likewise, if the committee is united in harmony, write “the committee HAS decided …” whereas if they’re all at each other’s throats, write “the committee HAVE decided …”. Something like that, anyway. But I digress.). Please save up your photos for a renaissance later this year.

National U3A and Sussex U3A Network

The Third Age Trust are publicising a number of online talks : 
Philosophers on the Good Life (4-week course from July 9th) , Intoduction to Laughter Yoga  (that’s what  it says – July 20th)) , Cryptic Crosswords (6-week course from July 22nd), Staying Safe Online (July 28th), NEW!!! Public Executions (July 29th), Linguistics (August 3rd),  Wellbeing in Nature  (August 5th),  NEW!!  Leonardo da Vinci (August 10th),  NEW!!! Cooking -Vegetarian BBQ (August 16th), Friday Watercolour Painters (4 weeks from Friday August 20th).

Some of these may be repeats.

Follow this link to their Online Events page.
You must be quick to register for any session in which you are interested, because places are booked up in no time. While you are on the Third Age Trust website, find out about some of its other activities – for example the 
Latest News, the National Programmes (Bird Track, Maths Challenge, Paint or Draw, …), and its own online national branch (if you see what I mean),  Trust U3A, which runs groups on Zoom just like those of the local U3As.

 You  might also take a look at the SUN website  (Sussex U3A Network): normally they arrange study days at venues around the  county: currently they arrange  events online from time-to-time. 

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