Bulletin 210115

Dear Chichester u3a member, 

January Monthly Meeting by Zoom


“The Beauty and Romance of France”
Thursday, January 21st at 14:00
Our guest speaker, Christopher Le Grand, will explore some of the historic towns and cities, visit famous chateaux and meander the countryside to discover the country’s beauty, history and romance.
Invitations to join the Zoom meeting will be sent out a few days before the event. Please join the meeting a few minutes before the scheduled time.
Following the Monthly Talk we will keep our Zoom Meeting open for members to have a chat, using break-out rooms.  This is only the second time we have attempted this and it requires some patience on the part of the attendees!  Peter Hill, who is hosting the Monthly Meeting on Zoom, will explain at the beginning of the session, just before the speaker begins his talk, how the Breakout Rooms session will work.  It will help with your connection (although it’s not essential) if you have the latest upgrade on Zoom.

Coffee Mornings

VIRTUAL COFFEE MORNING –  10am Tuesday 2nd February

Hoorah!   We will be holding a Coffee Morning on Zoom on the first Tuesday of every month, until we are allowed to meet again in person.

All members are most welcome and a link to join this first Coffee Morning Zoom meeting on 2nd February will be sent in the Bulletin on Friday, 29th January.

Sadly, we will not be able to provide coffee and scrummy cakes, but you are welcome to bring your own  delicacies to the Zoom meeting and share them on screen!  No prizes for the most tempting!

We will be setting up “Break-Out Rooms” which enable you to chat with just a few people; you will also be able to move from one room to another – just like our real Coffee Mornings when you could move between tables.  We will also have a Break-Out Room hosted by Caroline, our Groups Coordinator, so if you have any questions about groups which are currently active, or which you would like to restart or even a group which you would like to have help in setting up, you will be able to get information.

The Membership team and helpers will be in a “Members Break-Out Room” to welcome members old and new.  We are aware that members who joined since March 2019 have not been invited to a New Members’ Meeting, at which we explain a little about the ethos of the global organisation of the u3a and more particularly how the u3a in Chichester works with and for our members.  We will be sending out a special invitation to all members who have joined us in the last couple of years and look forward to introducing you all to the Committee and, indeed, to each other.

We will also have an “Ideas” Break-Out Room for any suggestions for current or future activities, offers to help with virtual or real events – in fact anything which you could bring to the u3a to make us more lively, vibrant and engaging.   Talking of which…….   have you had a look around our new website?  Still work-in-progress, but improving by the day.

See you over coffee on Tuesday 2nd Feb!!!   Stay safe and cheerful.

December Photography Competition




Only 5 more days left for submitting your photos to record the “Festive Season”.  It may not have been as “Festive” as we would have liked, but it was certainly memorable.  We’d love to see your take on the unforgettable time.

We have extended the date for submission until 20th January 2021.

To SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES, go here.  Just fill in the short form that comes up, attach your photo, and click send .  It will appear in the Gallery shortly  – click here to see the photos already submitted!

 I hope you will be inspired  to take a photo and share it with all of us. All submissions will be found in the Photo Gallery, and Winning Photos will be displayed on the Winners Page.  Moreover, each month the winning entry, until the end of our year in September, will go forward to Photograph of the Year.

TO COMPLY WITH PRIVACY LEGISLATION please explain to anyone whose photograph you take that it might appear on the Chichester u3a website. Ensure that you have their permission to submit it for that purpose.

Ideas from the National U3A

Winter Learning Programme   – present and future even

  • Follow the links for more information and booking for events. You have to be quick – events are booked up in no time!
  •  Happy Ever After :The History of  Fairy Tales.

    Catherine Stevenson, Chair of Newcastle u3a, invites you to join her in mapping the history of fairy stories through art. Tuesday, January 19th, at 14:00.

  • Van Gogh in Arles. Thursday, January 28th at 11:00 AM.

    Join the National Gallery to discover why Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear and why he committed such a brutal act.  Cost £5.50

  • NEW!!! Wellbeing in Nature. Thursday, March 11, 14:00 PM
     Talk and interactive session on spending time in nature.This is a repeat of the earlier workshop on 25th February, please do not book for both sessions.
  • Meanwhile, the U3A continues to put forward good ideas and activities to occupy ourselves, such as Amateur Radio and Virtual Choir as well as old favourites such as Maths Challenge and Bird Watch. Details of all these can be found here. You can find out more about national U3A activities by subscribing to the weekly newsletter here. And they have a YouTube channel which includes a radio  podcast.

If you wish to unsubscribe from the Bulletin emails, please contact the membership secretary with subject “Unsubscribe from Bulletin”. This will not affect other email communications with the U3A. Please do NOT put the bulletin emails into spam! 🙁


Please send me a message via the usual channels if you wish to have some item of U3A news put in the Bulletin. Likewise, if you have some constructive suggestions as to how to improve the Bulletin. Best wishes, David Rees and Miriam Knight 😎

The Constitution of the Chichester U3A is available to view here, and its Terms of Use here.
Enquiries If you wish to write to the Chichester U3A, then the correspondence address is: U3A Chichester, Box 809, Mailboxes Etc., 26 The Hornet, CHICHESTER, PO19 7BB
If there is an urgent matter that needs to be discussed then call 07460 109600, or contact the membership secretary .