Dear Chichester U3A member,
The Bulletin is planning on a few days off next week, so please do not expect a Bulletin next Friday. There is not a lot of news about these days. However, if there is a sudden glut or an urgent announcement needs to be made, some means, maybe an emergency Bulletin, will be found to keep you informed.

Supporting your basic digital needs

Do you have a neighbour or relative who is stumped by Skype? Exhausted by emails? Anxious about online shopping?
Perhaps they haven’t got around to reading or listening to books from our free eLibrary yet because they aren’t confident in setting up the app on their smartphone, tablet or computer?
Please let them know that they can call our special Remote Digital Support helpline on 0330 222 3455, Monday – Friday 10.00 am – 4.00 pm, to be paired up with a library volunteer who will offer support for a basic digital need.
Whatever the issue, you can also email us at Our brilliant Digital Volunteers are ready and waiting to help you – or someone you know!

The next Monthly Meeting

Zoom meeting with Ian Currie.  “Weather Lore – Fact or Fiction”

August 20th at 2 p.m.
Ian is a well-known weatherman, appearing frequently on BBC TV programmes such as BBC South and Countryfile.  He is due to be on the mid-morning slot on BBC Radio Sussex this Sunday 2.8.20.  He has co-authored many books and edits the magazine Weather Eye.  His web-site is well worth looking at –

The next U3A Quiz!

The next U3A quiz will be on Tuesday 4th August

We need to keep numbers manageable, so the number of attendees will be limited to 20. You can enter singly or with the person with whom you are in isolation! We will take names on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you would like to join us please email the quiz organiser giving your name(s) and I’ll get back to you with confirmation of your booking.
We will admit attendees from the Zoom Waiting Room in time for a 7.30 pm start. There will be 5 rounds of 10 questions each.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Hope you’re all keeping well


Groups News

Felpham Bridge Group Update


There are currently 54 members from Chichester, Bognor Regis and Arun West U3A branches on our weekly mailing list.  As it may yet be many months before we can again sit down at a proper bridge table, nearly half of our members have learned how to Zoom and to play Bridge on line. In this way our group has not only stayed in touch but have been able to continue our chosen activity despite the restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 virus.  

For us, Bridge is a fascinating competition played in a friendly atmosphere.  Whilst we think of ourselves as, perhaps, only intermediate level players, we hope to achieve a respectable standard of play and to finish between 16 and 20 hands in 2 hours.  We play as a club for two hours on a Wednesday afternoon which was our normal meeting time, but several extra games are arranged between members on Monday and Friday afternoons.  We hope that more U3A members will want to join us, at least until things return to normal.  However, we cannot accommodate beginners or those who may not be able to bid and play independently without help and undue delay.  

The good news is that there is a weekly email with a “Set Hand” bridge problem, and there is absolutely no charge for the service.  The other good news is that, while there is no danger of us overcrowding the Village Hall at Felpham, for the time being, we have unlimited vacancies.  Best of all is that a game or two of Bridge each week is something normal to look forward to in these unusual times.

Not wishing to deter anyone who may be unsure of their abilities, please let us know if you are interested in learning or refreshing your knowledge of the game.  With sufficient interest, it might be possible to arrange an introduction to the game although we do not have a qualified instructor within our U3A.

Please contact us through the Group Co-ordinator of your local U3A Branch. 

Clive Grinyer,  July 2020

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A NEW!!! Guide to Zoom by the Webmaster

Various groups, the committee, and now the AGM and EGM have all been conducted successfully through the medium of Zoom. We, therefore, confirm that using Zoom to keep groups going is viable – and more than viable, it’s fun, and entirely coronavirus safe! So we can confirm that it is definitely a direction that other groups, especially discussion type groups, should consider trying out. To that end, I have produced A  Zoom Primer, starting with how to open a Zoom account and how to download the Zoom app to your computer, and progressing through how to set your audio and video settings, how to join a meeting of your group, how to find and link up with your Zoom friends through to how to host a meeting of your own. (Only one member of the group has to master the last item! – and it doesn’t have to be the group leader.) Alternatively, visit the What’s New page on the Chichester U3A website and follow the link for the Zoom Primer, and let me know how you get on with Zoom. If you get stuck and need some advice get in touch.
Ray Davies (Webmaster)

Ideas from the National U3A

  •  Online AGM by Zoom: The 37th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Third Age Trust will be be held online only on 29th September and all U3A members will be welcome to attend. There will be opportunities for voting representatives to ask questions and make comments as normal during the AGM, via a textbox. Further details of the meeting here, while details on access to the meeting will follow in due course.
  • NEWISH If you would like some advice on starting a new group, or running an existing group, a good way to start would be to find out what the U3A subject advisers have to say – check the links here – everything from American Archaeology to Yoga.
  • Meanwhile, the U3A continues to put forward good ideas and activities to occupy ourselves, such as Amateur Radio,  Exercise Videos, Maths Challenges, Birdwatching, Creative Writing and Mindfulness. Details of all these can be found here.
  • A recent project is the Creative Covid Collaboration. This new project will celebrate how U3A members have been using craft techniques to connect, learn together and support each other during Covid-19.
    Four of these have been set up to date, here, of which three are about using Zoom.

  • Here’s a great video of U3A Life under Lockdown
  • You can find out more about national U3A activities by subscribing to the weekly newsletter here.

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