Dear Chichester U3A member,
The EGM went off rather well. The two principal parts were played by the presenter (Peter Hill) and the Treasurer (Peter Newland) both of whom seemed totally at home in their roles. Shorter, cameo appearances were made by the Chair (Maureen Doyle) and the Vice-Chair (Jill Cook), while other parts were played by rank-and-file members of the U3A. There were lots of questions, all answered, and the three votes were carried by overwhelming majorities.
In the meantime until the next AGM or EGM, don’t forget that there are Online Monthly Meetings starting on July 16th, and online Quizzes twice a month – the next is on July 14th.
The Zoom experience is a curious one, both public and private at the same time. It demands its own code of conduct: even though one is sitting in one’s own, private environment, one has to behave largely as if in public. (Not like being bugged for instance.) I think interruptions should and would be frowned upon, but the Chat message is jolly useful. Something else is the exotic artificial background, usually waving palm trees by some tropical seashore. (Most people seemed to be in their living rooms, but I selected a very charming and authentic 1970’s kitchen as the background so I could eat my lunch the while.)
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Monthly Meetings are back!

Rising above the problems we face with the lock-down, your committee has been busy planning interesting monthly talks for members on Zoom.  Zoom is one of the few businesses that has thrived in these difficult times because it offers a way for anyone with a computer to join with friends, talking with them and seeing them on the screen.  Zoom is an app you can download for free, and nearer the time of the talk we will email you with the prompt to click that joins you to the audience.  Here are the dates and the subjects of the first two talks:
July 16th, 2020 – 2 p.m. Sue Bowler – “Meet the neighbours: exploring the solar system
Thursday, August 20th, 2020 – 2 p.m. Ian Currie – “Weather Lore – fact or fiction

For more information on how to obtain and use Zoom, see the  Webmaster’s Guide to Zoom

Quiz by Zoom

The Return of the U3A Quiz

Tuesday 14th July at 7.30 pm

We need to keep numbers manageable, so the number of attendees will be limited to 20.  You can enter singly or with the person with whom you are in isolation!  We will take names on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you would like to join us please contact me, the Quiz Organiser giving your name(s) and I’ll get back to you with confirmation of your booking.

We will admit attendees from the Zoom Waiting Room in time for a 7.30 pm start.  There will be 5 rounds of 10 questions each. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Hope you’re all keeping well


For more information on how to obtain and use Zoom, see the  Webmaster’s Guide to Zoom

Groups News

A Guide to Zoom by the Webmaster
Various groups, the committee, and now the AGM have all been conducted successfully through the medium of Zoom. We, therefore, confirm that using Zoom to keep groups going is viable – and more than viable, it’s fun, and entirely coronavirus safe! So we can confirm that it is definitely a direction that other groups, especially discussion type groups, should consider trying out. To that end I have produced a beginner’s guide to using Zoom, starting with how to download the App to your computer and open a Zoom account, and progressing through how to find your Zoom friends and how to join a meeting of your group, through to how to host a meeting for your group. (Only one member of the group has to master the last item! – and it doesn’t have to be the group leader.) Alternatively, visit the coronavirus page on the Chichester U3A website and follow the link for the beginner’s guide, and let me know how you get on with Zoom. If you get stuck and need some advice get in touch.
Ray Davies (Webmaster)
PS When you click on the links to the beginner’s guide, it may appear not to work: in fact, the file may have been downloaded to your computer.

Your new Committee!!!
The new committee has now decided who does what in the Chichester U3A, and you can find out the details on the ‘Your Committee’ page, which can be found on the ‘About Us’ dropdown menu on the website.

Ideas from the National U3A

  • According to SUN, two new national study days have been arranged by HQ for the Autumn (Van Gogh: A Fresh Look, at the National Gallery and U3A at the Royal Institution), while a postponed study day on Japanese Cinema may take place sometime later this year as well. We shall see, shan’t we.
  • Meanwhile, the U3A continues to put forward good ideas and activities to occupy ourselves, such as Exercise Videos, Maths Challenges, Birdwatching, Creative Writing and Mindfulness. Details of all these can be found here.
    “Even during this time of pandemic, we didn’t want you to miss out on our popular U3A exclusive national events programme. Our relationship with leading organisations, built up over many years, has meant we are in a position to now offer selected virtual online national events ensuring that our learning is still available to all of our U3A members.
    We are delighted that organisations such as the National Gallery and the British Library are kicking off our online season with one-off free taster sessions which we hope will help develop a longer-lasting online programme – complementing our existing events.”
    Two of these have been arranged to date: follow the links for more details and to book. I infer some charge may be made for later online events.

    Love or Betrayal: Rubens and Van Dyck Paint Samson and Delilah  from the National Gallery on July 3rd   SOLD OUT

    Discovering Children’s Literature  from the British Library on July 23rd

    Four of these have been set up to date, here, of which three are:
    Introduction to Zoom: The aim of this session is to help you become familiar with the basics of how to use the Zoom platform, what you can do on it, some of the functions (such as splitting into break-out rooms, muting everyone!) and how to be safe. This is aimed at novices to gain confidence is using Zoom.
    Zoom for Hosting Group Meetings: The aim will be to cover the basics on organising and inviting members to meetings, meeting protocols, managing your group, and showing slides. This is aimed at any who run their own meetings and would like to do so successfully. Various dates.
    Running Large Meetings and Virtual AGMs *NEW*
    The tutorial will be ideal for those U3As, looking at hosting large meetings, AGMs, hosting large guest speaker events. It will cover AGM preparations, starting the meeting, running the meeting, and steps to take after the meeting has concluded
  • Here’s a great video of U3A Life under Lockdown
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