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AGM and future of Chichester U3A


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April 17th, 2020

Dear Member,

At our Committee meeting in early April we finally came to a very difficult decision and agreed that if we did not have sufficient volunteers to help us keep operating as a successful U3A, there would be no alternative but to close down.

For several months we have been asking for volunteers to come forward to fill many vacant roles within our U3A. Our last two bulletins have indicated that we have vacant roles which are vital to the success of the continuation of Chichester U3A, and whilst we must have the officer roles filled, it is absolutely essential that we also have volunteers filling other responsibilities to enable our U3A to continue with vibrancy and an interesting programme of events for the coming year.  

We would love to continue enjoying social events, trips and visits, monthly talks etc. We have close to 1,000 members and without more help organising these, it is simply too difficult for a small team to manage.

We have received interest from just a few members for some of the roles, but not yet a sufficient number to keep us running effectively. If you wish to nominate yourself or another person, you will find nomination forms on our website, and this is a reminder that the deadline for you to return these forms will be April 24th.

It is our intention to hold the AGM as planned on May 21st at 2-00 pm as a virtual meeting. On our website, you will find very clear instructions on how to join the Zoom meeting. Documents relating to the AGM, along with the agenda, will be published in due course. It would be such good news to have nominations for all the roles by the time we hold our AGM.

The times we find ourselves in are certainly very sad and the Coronavirus has undoubtedly touched many of us in some way. We have found ways of staying in touch, starting up new hobbies, learning new skills, keeping groups going by connecting virtually and know that many of you are already using Zoom to communicate with friends and family 

We look forward to welcoming you to our virtual AGM. 


Kind regards
Maureen Doyle
Chichester Chair
On behalf of the committee

2020 Annual General Meeting

I have been asked to mention the preparations that are being made for the AGM.
We are planning to run the AGM on 21st May as a Zoom virtual meeting. If you wish to attend you will need to download Zoom onto your computer (this is dead easy – see the guidance notes). We will be able to have 100 members attend this internet meeting, and live voting will be possible. Members unwilling or unable to attend the Zoom meeting will be able to cast their votes in advance by proxy. Here is the timetable:

  • We need nominations for the committee roles by 24th April
  • All papers and proxy voting forms will be distributed by 30th April
  • The deadline for returning proxy voting forms will be 14th May.

A password-protected web page for the AGM has been set up, with links to the nomination form. The web address and password are given in the email version of the Bulletin.

Before April 23rd will be added:

  1. 2019 AGM Minutes
  2. 2020 AGM Agenda

And by April 30th :

  1. Chair’s Report
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Balance Sheet & Statement of Assets and Liabilities
  4. The Proxy Voting form

Discussions are taking place about sending paper copies of these documents out to members without emails, and details of the procedures for managing proxy voting forms.
I do not know if we have as yet enough volunteers to keep the U3A running, or what arrangements are being made for dissolution if we have not.

Groups News

A Message from the Webmaster
The Science Discussion Group has held a successful meeting with 16 attendees via Zoom this week and plans a full meeting with an external speaker next Monday. We, therefore, confirm that using Zoom to keep groups going is viable – and more than viable, it’s fun, and entirely coronavirus safe!

Your committee has also successfully met by Zoom, on 2nd April, so we can confirm that it is definitely a direction that other groups, especially discussion type groups, should consider trying out. To that end I have produced a beginner’s guide to using Zoom, starting with how to download the App to your computer and open a Zoom account, and progressing through how to find your Zoom friends and how to join a meeting of your group, through to how to host a meeting for your group. (Only one member of the group has to master the last item! – and it doesn’t have to be the group leader.)

Alternatively, visit the coronavirus page on the Chichester U3A website and follow the link for the beginner’s guide, and let me know how you get on with Zoom. If you get stuck and need some advice get in touch.

Ray Davies (Webmaster)

PS When you click on the links to the beginner’s guide, it may appear not to work: in fact, the file may have been downloaded to your computer.

Have you kept your group going?
If so, would you please let the groups coordinator know, and in what way. It would be very useful if we knew there was a pool of expertise out there, and encouraging for other groups to know what can be done.
Some groups have successfully implemented video conferencing to keep their groups active. Group leaders who do, could consider opening their groups to temporary members for the duration: this would be an excellent way for interested U3A members to learn about the group, and maybe join on a permanent basis or be inspired to form their own. And it would be an excellent way for group leaders to publicise their wares.
Also, would you like to send the Bulletin a screenshot of your virtual group in action? Pick your moment, of course, but no posing!
Some more ideas
How about a Bulletin quiz? Would you like to submit questions for a quiz – say ten questions on a topic, to appear in the bulletin one week, answers, we hope, the next? The more submissions the better. Just the job for a group leader on furlough. Please send to the quiz organiser.
Would you like to send the Bulletin pictures of your garden, or birds and flowers in your garden, or yourself gardening, or painting your kitchen or washing your bicycle, scooter, car (is that allowed?) or any other activities with which you have kept busy?

Ideas from the National U3A

  • Mindfulness – some lectures given by the U3A subject advisor. A new lecture each week,  but the earlier ones are on the U3A YouTube channel.
  • Maths Challenge – some mathematical posers for you  Fresh questions every week, with the answers to the previous week’s.
  • Bird Track – U3A members are being asked to help keep track of our garden birds. You are invited to join BirdTrack, a free online tool, to record your own bird sightings and keep up to date with trends.
  • Creative Writing Competition  –  the U3A is inviting members to submit a short story on the theme of TIME. The winning story will be published in Third Age Matters magazine, which reaches over a quarter of a million households. We will also commission at least one illustration to accompany it. Follow the link for details.
  • And there are several other suggestions and invitations here–  e.g. Yoga, Painting, Photography, Quiz – in which members nationwide are invited to join in or imitate.

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