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Notice from the Committee

Chichester U3A Needs You.

We must have New Ideas and Fresh Faces to keep Chichester U3A alive

There has been an encouraging response to the need for new blood on the committee and we thank those of you who have already come forward with an expression of interest.

However we need to ensure that we have volunteers in place who are willing to take on the specific roles of Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary and Membership Secretary before we hold the AGM on Thursday 16th May, only 2 months away.

To date no one has expressed an interest in taking on the role of Secretary. Without a Secretary Chichester U3A will not be able to function after the end of our membership year, August 31st 2019.


Much of the commitment to this role can be mitigated by introducing a ‘Job Share’ arrangement such as has been working well for the Membership Secretary post over the past 3 years in order to reduce the workload.

If you are interested, please get in touch with us to arrange a chat to learn more about what is involved

Job Vacancy – Secretary

A month in the life of the Committee Secretary

Our current committee secretary is standing-down at the May AGM. The committee secretary is one of the ‘officer’ roles required by the U3A constitution. It best suits an organised individual who is happy to deal with correspondence and can spare about 10 hours per month in order to ensure the smooth running of the committee. The following gives you a flavour of what is involved.
The first Thursday in the month is committee day. I get there early in order to ensure that the room is set-out and to set up my laptop. I play a dual role at committee meetings – that of minute-taker and of participating officer, which can get tricky at times. Some U3As split the role into ‘minutes secretary’ and ‘officer’, and this could work well here.
The meetings usually take about an hour and a half. I take the minutes directly onto my laptop (although some secretaries still prefer to take their notes by hand) and then polish them up as soon as I can, as memories quickly fade. I then send them over to the Chair to approve, and send them to the committee members after that.
For the next week or so I monitor my e-mails for exchanges of views between fellow committee members, act as the point of contact for the National Office and local regional groups, and deal with correspondence sent to the ‘secretary@’ e-mail address. Most of this simply requires me to forward queries to the relevant person. This is my quiet time. Then I start to gear-up for the next committee meeting, going through the previous month’s minutes for actions which require updates, and logging new agenda items as colleagues on the committee think of them. About 10 days before the committee meeting I finalise the agenda and send it to the Chair for any final additions before sending it out to my colleagues in good time for them to complete their actions.
This routine is punctuated on occasions by one-off jobs – such as ensuring that new trustees understand their responsibilities, working with the Chair on the U3A’s ‘Annual Return’ to the Charities’ Commission, preparing for the AGM, booking rooms, or undertaking research for a project – but overall I spend about ten hours per month on U3A matters. In return I get the satisfaction of playing a role in the smooth running of our U3A and working cooperatively with a great bunch of like-minded colleagues. Having served for a year I am stepping down at the AGM for personal reasons and hope that the person who takes over from me will enjoy the experience as much as I have done.

If you are interested, ring 07460 109600 or email us.

Jane Church, Secretary

Job Vacancy – Membership Team

If you’d like to make new friends and if you enjoy meeting people why not offer to be part of the Membership Team?
Wendy and I have worked together as a job share for the past three years and have become very good friends but it’s time we handed over to new blood.

Apart from August and September, which is Renewal Time when it’s hectic, the job is not onerous, just an hour or two a week plus a couple of hours at the Coffee Mornings and Monthly Meetings.

Tempted? Give either of us a ring on 07460 109600 or email us for a chat. We’d love to hear from you

Jill Cook, Membership Secretary

Changes to the Chichester U3A Constitution

As you may know, last year’s Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) was adjourned due to an initial lack of a quorum, and the adjournment was oversubscribed due to a lack of space in the meeting room. In view of this, your Committee will be proposing revisions to the existing Constitution at the next AGM in May this year, and would appreciate feedback or questions regarding their proposals prior to putting the final version to members at that time. The following major changes are proposed:
• The introduction of proxy voting – this enables those unable to physically attend a general meeting, for reason of holidays, ill health etc., to appoint in writing another person to vote on their behalf at a specific general meeting, including the AGM.
• The reduction of the quorum – (i.e. the minimum number of members attending a general meeting to allow business to be enacted) from 10% of the total membership, to 5%.
• In the event of an adjourned general meeting, the quorum will be the members attending the adjourned meeting Other changes to the Constitution are generally minor and serve mainly to correct spelling mistakes and grammar. Anybody who would like to review the new proposed Constitution can find both the current and proposed Constitutions on the Chichester U3A website. These documents will be available in hard copy form at coffee mornings and monthly meetings.

If you have any more specific or detailed questions or comments, contact any Committee Member via email or by calling 07460 109600.


New Groups!

At the Coffee Morning earlier this month a new Beginners’ Cryptic Crossword Group, was formed with 12 members. This is the maximum number which this Group can support and is therefore taking no further members. We will be following an 8 session programme, lasting about 3 months. If any other members would like to form another Group, using the material which is available, please contact the Groups Coordinator for more information.
We also asked members who were interested in forming new language groups to come along, and there was significant interest in German, Italian, French and Arabic language groups. Work is now in hand to decide exactly how to take this forward. Watch this space for news.
At the April Coffee Morning, we plan to hold gatherings of members interested in a photography group and in a new gardening group, so do come along if you are interested. If you cannot be there, contact the Groups Coordinator to be added to the list.


Are any members interested in trying out Boules? We will be playing weekly on a Tuesday afternoon at West Wittering, starting at 2.00pm.We normally start in April, weather permitting.
Equipment provided. Cost per session £2.
If you’re interested, please contact Maureen here

Further information on all groups is shown on the Chichester U3A website. If you would like to find out more about a particular group, go from there to the webpage for that group, and use the contact form there to send a message to the group leader. If that fails, contact the groups team.



Booking for the March quiz has now closed.

We hope to run a quiz in April: look out for news in your Bulletin in the nexr week or two.


Coffee Morning

There will be a coffee morning on Wednesday, April 3rd, in the Minerva Bar and Grill, from 10:00 to 12:00 .
The groups coordinator plans to meet members interested in a photography group and in a new gardening group, so do come along if you are interested.



 Monday, 20th May 2019

This is a repeat of the trip last December.

There will be a guided tour of both Houses, and Gillian Keegan MP for Chichester has agreed to meet with us. As we will all be aware, it is a very busy time at Westminster, so hope nothing happens to interfere  with any of our arrangements.

There will not be an opportunity for a comfort stop but there is a toilet on the bus.

Although there is a café in The Houses of Parliament it gets very busy and last time there was very little time to get anything so it would be advisable to take something to eat and drink with you.
Estimated Cost £25

Depart South Street opposite the train station promptly at 08.30

Return to Chichester by approx. 18.00
To register your interest and to reserve a place we require a deposit of £10 per person (cheque only, payable to Chichester U3A) to reach us by 23rd April, accompanied by the booking form which you can get by clicking here. Forms will also be available at Coffee Mornings and Monthly Meetings.
The final cost will depend on the numbers of people booking, and the balance of payment will be notified to you after 23rd April. It must be paid by 7th May.
Your deposit cheque will be returned to you if there is insufficient interest to make the outing financially viable.


Near Romsey, Hants
Saturday, 15th June 2019

Mottisfont is an 18th Century house with a medieval priory at its heart. Maud Russell made Mottisfont her home in the 1930s, bringing artists there to relax and create works inspired by Mottisfont’s past, including an extraordinary drawing room painted by Rex Whistler. Those artistic traditions are continued today, with a permanent 20th century art collection and major exhibitions in the top-floor gallery.

In summer the walled rose garden, with its world-famous collection of old-fashioned roses, is the highlight of the beautiful grounds. A spring bubbles up in the secluded heart of the garden – the source of the foundation of the Priory.
There are free guided tours of the gardens. There is a Restaurant, a café, an ice-cream parlour and plenty of places to picnic – and of course a shop and plant centre.
ESTIMATED COST £36 OR £18 FOR NT MEMBERS (don’t forget your NT membership card)
Depart South Street at 9.15am to arrive at Mottisfont at approximately 10.30am
Leave Mottisfont at 3.30pm to arrive in Chichester at approximately 5.00pm

To register your interest and to reserve a place we require a deposit of £10 per person (cheque only please) to reach us by 15th May, accompanied by the booking form. This is downloadable from the website  by clicking the link Trips form for Mottisfont. You can also request a form here or by leaving a message on 07460 109600 (the number previously given here was incorrect). We will also have forms available at Coffee Mornings and at Monthly Meetings.
The final cost will depend on the number of persons booking and the balance of payment will be notified to you after 15th May. The balance of payment must be made by 31st May. Your deposit cheque will be returned to you if there is insufficient interest to make the outing financially viable.


Would you like to help some research?

We have received a request from a student at Oxford Brookes University who is doing research into people that have had help when they retired….

It seems that lots of people struggle with the initial planning of time and finances (approx. 50-60%) and then once retired approx. 20-30% struggle to adjust to their new “roles” and can experience a lost sense of self. Coaching as an intervention to support this, seems to be scarce so I’d be very interested to hear of anyone who may have experienced this.

I am specifically seeking participants who have been through some form of coaching or mentoring to support them through their transition. If you did attend 121 or group coaching then I’d be delighted to talk to you.

Is there any chance I can get in contact with the U3A network to reach more retirees to see if any of them have received coaching and would be interested in helping me in my research?

If you are interested in helping this student with her research, please contact the secretary, Jane Church.

Using your Tablet

Do you have a tablet (iPad or Android), but need help sending and receiving emails?

Do you want to progress from emails to doing your grocery shopping on-line?

If so, students at Chichester College can offer help.

You will go to an introductory session at the College, run by a member of the college staff, and then be matched with your student tutor. You will then go back for weekly sessions of 45 minutes with your student tutor.

If you are interested, please contact the groups coordinator.


Details of the next year’s study days will appear in due course.

In the Picture

April 13th, 2019: with Peter Enser in Horsham. Exploring the evolving role of images in human communication and the techniques for their creation, interpretation and retrieval.


May 11th, 2019: A Brief History of Maths, with Roger Luther at Patching. We will look at some of the highlights of 2500 years of mathematical discovery –from Pythagoras to Chaos via irrational and imaginary numbers, parallel lines, logic and infinity


For further details follow the links, or go directly to the U3A website.

An Afternoon at historic Southwark Cathedral.

Friday, April 26th 2019 13:30 to 16:00 Join U3A members to listen to a talk from a Southwark Cathedral historian about the many connections between the ancient area of Bankside and the cathedral. A tour of the Cathedral will explore the close ties with Shakespeare’s theatrical world. Tickets £15. SOLD OUT

Royal Holloway University Citizens Project

Shared Learning Projects ( projects for various dates are shown).
A series of Research Retreats where members of the U3A can help us delve into the archives to help us examine key milestones in the history of liberty, protest, rebellion and reform.
Most Research Retreats will be held at Royal Holloway’s campus in London and more dates will be added, so please do check back from time to time for updates.

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