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    Unfortunately there were not sufficient members present at the AGM and Monthly Meeting yesterday
    to form a quorum, which meant that the AGM had to be adjourned. A quorum is ten percent of the
    membership, meaning that we needed 96 members present.
    As you may be aware, many of the Committee are due to step down, having served their term of office.
    It is therefore essential that these members are replaced as soon as possible in order for the Chichester
    HAVE TO CLOSE. We have nominations from the following members but they cannot be voted onto
    Committee unless there are sufficient members present at the adjourned AGM to form a quorum.
    Chair: Andrew Walker
    Vice Chair: Wendy Andrews
    Treasurer: Christopher Waller
    Secretary: Jane Church
    Committee Members: Jill Cook, Ray Davies, Carolyn Draughn, John Harris, Angela Sewell


    ON THURSDAY, 21 st JUNE 2018

    The documents (Chair’s report, Treasurer’s Report, Accounts etc) are available here; access will require a password, which is given in the weekly email.
    If you value your membership of the U3A you must come and vote. Your new Committee is currently
    working hard to examine ways in which Chichester U3A can improve, implementing changes where
    necessary. Please support us by attending the adjourned AGM on 21 st June 2018.

    The AGM will be followed by the previously advertised meeting, featuring a talk by Philip Robinson entitled ‘How the War came to an End – or did it?’.
    Refreshments will be served from 13:30 to 13:45,

    2. Groups

    • Table Tennis – Friday Afternoon Group
      Please note that it has been decided that this group will cease to exist, owing to lack of support. We did ask members who were interested in a second group, which day they would be willing to attend, but only four people have turned up. The Monday group is still full.
    • Day Sailing Group
      There are some places still remaining on the following dates: 29th June, 9th July, 23rd July and 7th August. Further information is  available via the following contact.
    • Croquet
      We finally got our new group underway on Wednesday 16th,  and eleven U3A members enjoyed having a go at a new outdoor sport.  Will players planning to come to the next session please confirm in advance with the group leader, so that we can organise sufficient Croquet Club members to help.

Further information on all groups is shown on the website. Contact the Groups Team for group leader information

3. Trips and Outings

    • Canine Partners  Wednesday 30th May
      We are all making our own way there, thanks to all those who have kindly offered lifts to others. You should be at the Canine Centre for 11.00 start;  the address is:

Canine Partners, Mill Lane, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 0ED. Telephone 01730 716103,

For all these, more information is available from the trips organiser, but note that they are all fully booked.

        4. Social Events

If any members gave any ideas for a social event which could take place in or near Chichester, please let the Social Events Organizer  know. We would need to have an uptake of at least 10 members to make it worthwhile.

All ideas are welcome and will then be proposed to the members in a future bulletin, to see if there is sufficient interest.

(Please note that if you want to suggest a trip or outing, you need to contact the Trips and Outings Organizer  instead.)

  1. June Quiz

    There will be no quiz in June, July or August, following precedent.

  1. SUN – Study Days and other Events

    The Sussex U3A Network (SUN) arranges study days and other events through the year, and any U3A member from the region can attend these . The events page also lists lots of U3A events elsewhere in the country. Book for the Study Days etc via the SUN representative (who is now Penny Jagger – welcome!) or via the SUN website.

SUN Study Days

Will presumably resume in the Autumn.

Shared Learning Project

Starting in 2018 and culminating in 2019. Interested groups to undertake :-
Sussex Myths and Spirits
Sussex Martyrs, Witches, Smuggling, Bonfires, Seven Sisters, etc. etc. Contact Penny Jagger, the new SUN representative, for more information..

SE Forum U3A Summer School 2018

To be held at Chichester University June 18th-21st 2018
Some details of the courses, and how to book, can be found here

  1. National U3A Study Days

    • June 7th, 11:00 – 16:00.After the Impressionists: The Post Impressionists to Picasso. At the National Gallery, cost £25.per person (lunches & refreshments not provided). From the blazing visions and emotional intensity of Van Gogh to the quiet stillness of Hammershoi, discover the art that followed in the wake of Impressionism.
    • According to SUN, a Jazz Study Day is planned for September 19th, at Cecil Sharp House in Camden. Details in due course.

For further details, and to book, click on the links above or on educational events at the U3A HQ website.


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